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Important Things To Remember Before Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted by Admin on April, 14, 2022

Shopping for an engagement ring is a thrilling experience! You've eventually discovered the one, and now you're looking for the right ring to propose with. While shopping for an engagement ring from Diamond Engagement Ring Exporters can be a huge amount of fun, it could also be a little overwhelming, particularly if you've never experienced it before. Here's our list of 10 things to know before buying an engagement ring to help you get enlightened before saying "I do" to a ring.

Settings and Diamonds:

To begin, many individuals are unaware that settings and centre stones are frequently sold separately. So, when you go shopping for an engagement ring, you're normally looking for two things: the centre stone (often a white diamond) and the setting (the metal framework that holds your centre stone).

Many rings do come with a centre stone already placed in them. For example, almost all antique engagement rings come fully assembled, and many modern jewellers create preset rings. However, it's becoming increasingly typical for jewellers to sell settings and centre stones separately, so keep this in mind when buying.

Know the 4Cs:

If you're shopping for a diamond engagement ring, like most people, you'll want to grasp the 4Cs before getting your diamond. They are diamond-quality gradings.

  • Cut: A measurement of how well a diamond is cut, which influences how effectively it captures light.

  • Colour: The degree to which a white diamond is colourless.

  • Clarity is a grading system that determines how perfect a diamond is both internally and outwardly.

  • Carat: A unit of weight that can be used to quantify the grade of a stone.

Prioritize Diamond Cut:

Though each of the 4Cs is important, jewellery experts normally recommend that cuts be prioritised when evaluating a diamond. Do you know why? A diamond with a poor cut will not reflect light well, making it appear dull and dim.

Shape and Settings:

The form of your centre stone and the design of your setting have the greatest influence on the style of your engagement ring. Shape refers to the shape of your diamond centre stone (such as round, oval, princess, emerald, and so on), and each shape has a different style. The setting of your engagement ring will also have an impact on its aesthetic. Settings can be traditional, vintage-inspired, modern, one-of-a-kind, or any combination of the above.

Order in Advance:

Unless you're purchasing a pre-set engagement ring, your jeweller will require some time to place your selected diamond in the setting of your engagement ring. Furthermore, some engagement rings are manufactured just after you order them, which can take some time. So, if you want to propose on a specific date, order your engagement ring well in advance. A decent rule of thumb is to book 6 weeks in advance, this provides you plenty of wiggle room, but confer with your jeweller on the exact time it may take to complete your ring.

If you can't purchase the enormous, showy ring you want when you get engaged, keep in mind that you can always upgrade later. It's normal to upgrade engagement rings from Diamond Engagement Ring Exporters for anniversaries or birthdays, so if your dream band isn't currently in your budget, know that you may always upgrade your stone or setting later.

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